How to Create Your Own Cartoon Character Movie

by Hoot Gibson

Cartoons are entertaining to both children and adults. Many people have spent hours watching children's cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny, Popeye and Scooby Doo, as well as cartoons geared towards a more mature audience such as South Park and Family Man. With advancements in digital technology, cartoons can be personalized using online software. You can create the words a cartoon's voice says. It is also possible to create your own cartoon character by uploading a picture of your face and incorporating it onto the body of a cartoon character.

Use your own photo. Star in your own cartoon and truly make it your own with sites like jibjab (see References). Upload a digital photo of yourself. Crop your face onto an animated character. Refine the size and position. Save these personalized movies and even email them to your friends and family.

Add your own script. Type in your own script for the cartoon character to read. Sites like xtranormal allow you to type in your own script and have a cartoon character read the words that you have written (see References). Create an account, then sign in. Click "Make movies." When you go into "Make movies", you can click on an icon of a cartoon character to type words in the script box and hear the character speak the words you wrote.

Add background scenes, characters, animated actions, dialogue and even put your name as the producer on a cartoon movie with sites like Digitalfilms (see References). Add music and type the words you want the character to say. This site doesn't actually have cartoon voices but has a bubble coming from the character's mouth where you can read the words.


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