How to Create a Free Multimedia Website

by Chris Yokum

Browsing the web in search of entertaining content is a popular activity for many Internet users. With a couple of keystrokes, you'll find yourself on a website that can provide you with hours of entertainment. If you'd rather learn about an unfamiliar subject, just visit a popular online source to gain more knowledge about it. Make your own personal multimedia website and share it with anyone who wants to visit.

Sign up with a web service and access the included website builder. Some of the most common services include Blogger, WordPress and Google Sites. Usually, a web service will allow you to add various things such as videos, images, music or documents to your newly created website. To get started, just visit the homepage of your chosen website builder and click the "Sign Up" or "Create an Account" link to register. Enter the necessary registration details like username, password and a valid email address.

Log into your new website account so that you can start making personal changes. Create multiple pages for your website and designate each page for a specific multimedia type. Instead of cramming all content on one single page, organize it in a neat format so that visitors can conveniently locate the information they're looking for. When someone visits your multimedia website, they'll be directed to each type of content by clicking onto an individual tab or link.

Build a page that include videos that are entertaining, interesting and even useful. Many videos can be gathered from YouTube, Daily Motion, Google Video or MySpace. Embed them to your own personal website by copying their embed code. This allows a visitor to stay on your website instead of navigating to somewhere else.

Add another page that allows music lovers the chance to listen to a current list of popular songs from different genres. Sign up with an online music service like Pandora, Imeem or Rhapsody. Once you've registered for a new account, you'll have access to many current songs from a wide range of music artists. Another feature that many of these online services provide is the capability of embedding a web player onto your website. This player can stream your personal playlist of songs or a mix of songs from multiple artists.

Place various photos on your website so that others can browse through them. Take some personal photos and share them with website visitors. If you're always snapping a photo for almost every occasion, this would be the perfect opportunity to add them to your multimedia website. Various photos of family vacations, special events, friends or beautiful locations can prove to be enjoyable for virtually anyone who visits your multimedia website.


  • check Always check the content on your website to make sure that everything's still working.


  • close Don't use unauthorized multimedia content on your website

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