How to Create a Game Online

by Contributor

Online games are very popular and fun to use. With some basic computer programming skills, you can create your own simple online games. There are a wide range of styles and game types available, with varying degrees of complexity and programming skill required to complete satisfactorily.

Evaluate the level of programming expertise and skill you have and select a game type and structure that matches. All successful game programmers start with a small, fairly simply game structure and then develop more complex and structured games as they gain more experience and skill creating games.

Decide what type of game you want to create. The more complex the game theory or structure, the more difficult to program. For a beginning online game, start with a two player, children's game based on a well known activity. Tic Tac Toe is a very good place to start.

Open an HTML editor and create a table structure in the shape of the Tic Tack Toe grid. Add boarders and a colourful background to make it visually appealing to your customer or user.

Upload or create an image of the X and O characters used in the game. Get creative and make it interesting to look at. Using Java or Java script, create the logic rules for the game. You need to define the space where each piece can be placed, what actions are not allowed and what actions results in a win or loss and for which player.

Include a running table of the score for each side, from the beginning of the session until the user leaves the website. Improve the quality of the game experience by adding movement to the shapes if they are left unattended for a specific period of time. This can include sounds, movements or changes in color.


  • check Attend classes on how to develop online games at your local college or technical school. For more complex games, advanced programming skills are mandatory.
  • check Most games are based on a very simple, familiar premise. Focus on making your game fun to play by ensuring the action is smooth, the page visually interesting and the game responses consistent with user expectations.

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