How to Convert a WAV File to WMA

by Richard Kalinowski

In the 21st century, digital media is king. IPods, Zunes, and other MP3 devices have caused dramatic jumps in music downloading, and even old media is finding new life as companies and individuals convert vinyl and cassettes into digitized formats for today's consumer, according to Athima Chansanchai's MSNCB News article. Further illuminating this trend, digital music sales have risen a whopping 40%, according to a 2008 article by Raphael G. Satter. Unfortunately, all this digital popularity has led to increased file extensions and formatting confusion among consumers---what began as an easier, accessible way of storing musical files has turned into something of a headache for consumers without a lot of tech experience. Luckily, it's possible to convert most files relatively easily from your home computer; if you need to change the venerable WAV format into the niche Windows WMA format, you can do so in just a few simple steps.


Go to Blaze Media Pro offers free trial software useful for easy converting --- if you want to get prolonged usage out of the software, you'll need to purchase it, but it's worth the price considering the prevalence of spyware and beta bugs on most freeware converters.


Scroll the page until you notice the red hyperlinked text reading "WAV to WMA" on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on the hyperlinked text. This will take you to a new page.


Click on the red hyperlinked text reading "download" and click to save the file on your desktop. The download may take several minutes on a slow connection; on most Internet connections, the download will take less than one minute.


Double click on the newly downloaded "setup_blazemp.exe" file on your desktop.


Follow onscreen instructions to finish the install of the free trial edition of Blaze Media Pro's Converter Software.


Open your newly installed converter software.


Click "Convert Audio" on the program's main screen and select the "Convert to WMA" option. This will open a new window.


Click on the WAV files you want to convert. Do not adjust the conversion settings unless you are technologically savvy and have specific settings preferences. For most users, the default settings are ideal.


Click the "Convert" button to begin automatic conversion to WMA format. When the automatic process has completed, your WAV files will have been successfully converted to WMA format.

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