How to Convert an MP3 File to 5.1

by Jamie Lisse

If you have an MP3 file that you want to use as a 5.1 surround sound file, you can actually take your MP3 file and convert it to 5.1. Professional audio software is required to do this type of version. The Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition is cost effective professional audio software that can quickly and easily do your MP3 file to 5.1 file conversion. You do not need any pro audi experience to do the conversion, as it is fairly simple and can even be done in the trial version of the program.

Launch the Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition program on your computer. The New Project Wizard will automatically open and ask you to name your project. Pick a name and click "Next."

Move through the remainder of the New Project Wizard by clicking "Next" at the bottom of each screen until you see "Finish." Be sure to select "5.1 Surround" on the audio screen. Your selection on the other screens are not important for making a 5.1 file.

Look in the upper left corner of the screen to find your MP3 file. This area of the screen will likely show your desktop and folders. You can also navigate to My Music or other areas on your computer. Once you see the MP3 file in that area that you want to convert, you will have to drag and drop it to the lower part of the screen. You will need to do this four times. The areas that you need to drop the MP3 file into are Front, Center, FLE and Rear.

Click on the "File" menu and select "Render As." When the dialog box appears, you will need to select AC-3 as your file type. And for template select "5.1 DVD." Click the "Save" button to create the 5.1 file from your MP3. A "Rendering" screen will appear with a progress bar. When the conversion is complete, you will be able to click on the "Open" or "Open Folder" button to access your new MP3.

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