How to Convert Mobile Phones to Walkie Talkie

by Derek King

Push-to-talk cellular is an option available to cellphones and smart phones. Push-to-talk technology allows cellphone owners to use their phone as a walkie-talkie in an unlimited range. The technology connects to another device instantly, and utilizes the speaker phone. Multiple contacts can be reached at the same time by pressing a single button. If the function is not installed on your cell phone, access your application store to download a push-to-talk program.


Access your cell phone's application store. An application store is your cell phone's online repository for mobile applications. Click on the store's icon from the homescreen or within the menu to open the program.


Open the search function within your app store. Within the provided space, type in "Push To Talk," "Walkie Talkie" or something similar. Click the "Search" button or the magnifying lens located on the screen to complete the search. Allow several minutes for the application store to search its directory for the appropriate apps.


View the search results. Select one of the listed applications by clicking on it, or by pressing the "Select" button. Review the description of the application to ensure it provides walkie-talkie functions. If not, choose another application from the search results.


Select the link on the application entitled "Get App," "Download," "Install," or something similar. Allow a few minutes for the app to download on the phone. The app's installation wizard will automatically start. Accept the Terms and Conditions and select "Install."


Open the application by selecting "Run" after the installation, or by clicking on the app's icon. The walkie-talkie service will now be available with friends that downloaded the identical application.

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