How to Convert MKV to AVI & DVD

by James Ford

MKV is the extension for the Matroska Video file format. This format is similar to .AVI, .ASF and .MOV formats and supports many audio and video codecs. It is popular with anime videos as it supports multiple audio and subtitle tracks. Converting an MKV file to DVD will make it playable on a DVD player. AVI is the extension for the Audio Video Interleave file. It is a common file that supports videos compressed with different codecs and so employs less compression than .MPEG or .MOV files. Converting between these files requires video conversion software.

Download video conversion software. Some software may only offer a free trial or limited usage unless you buy the full program, so think about how long you'll require the software for. See the Resources section for some MKV to AVI and DVD conversion software.

Install the program. Some free trials of limited use utilities may require you to register to use them.

Run the program and follow its instructions to convert your .MKV's to .AVI's or DVD format.

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