How to Convert KMZ to WMV

by Craig Brewer

Certain forms of web-based video files are saved as Keyhole Markup Language (.kml) files, which are often zipped as .kmz files. You can convert these to standard Wimdows Media Video (.wmv) files with special video conversion software. You can also test to see whether the conversion will be successful with a freeware version of one of the common commercial video programs, and these instructions will guide you through that conversion and test. If successful, you can follow the same steps once you have purchased the full version of the software or its equivalent.

Download trial version of FRAPS from the link in Resources. Note that this is a partial version of a more complete software package. While it will convert your .kmz file, it will leave a watermark in the middle of the converted video until you have purchased the complete version. However, this is a free method of testing to see whether your particular .kmz file will convert to .wmv successfully.

Install FRAPS by clicking on the file downloaded from the link provided. Once the install wizard is complete, be sure the box marked "Run FRAPS now" is checked, and click "OK."

Click on the "Movies" tab at the top of the screen that appears. Note the box marked "Video Capture Hotkey." Pressing this key while FRAPS is running will start to record a video of the currently active window. The default for this hotkey is "F9," but you can change it if you like.

With FRAPS still running, open your .kmz file. When you are ready, star the .kmz video and press the hotkey at the same time. When the video is complete, press the hotkey again.

Return to FRAPS, and click on the "Movies" tab again. Find the box marked "Folder to save movies in." Open Windows Explorer, and open this folder. You should see a .wmv file with the same name as the .kmz file you just played.

Open the .wmv file. It should be the same as your .kmv file with a "FRAPS" watermark across the middle. If this is what you see, then your file will easily convert to a .wmv file with the full version of FRAPS or similar software.


  • close Some freeware programs claim that they can convert .kmz files to .wmv without using video capture. While most of the .kmz data will be retained, you will likely notice significant problems with the resultant video, with the loss or corruption of sound data being the most common. Video capture processes like those associated with FRAPS are the only way to guarantee that you will not lose data when changing the file type.

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