How to Convert a Finale File to an Audio File

by Julius Vandersteen

When you work on a music project with Finale, a music notation application, you compose, arrange and edit your piece, entering notes by clicking on the staff or playing them through a MIDI keyboard connected to your computer. You use the Finale application to listen to the audio in a Finale file. If you want to let someone who doesn't have the Finale application listen to your music, you can easily export an audio file from Finale that plays on a computer or an MP3 player.


Click "Export to Audio" from the Finale menu.


Click "Export to Audio." The "Save as Audio File" dialog box opens.


Click an export option for the audio, such as "MP3," "WAV" or "AIFF."


Click the folder on your computer where you want to export the audio file.


Click "Save." Finale exports the audio file to the folder you designated.

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