How to Configure eMule for Kaspersky Internet Security

by Margaret Worthington

When you run eMule file sharing software and Kaspersky Internet Security software together, you have to make sure that you have eMule set up so that the port that it uses is allowed through Kaspersky. If you neglect to do this, Kaspersky will block your eMule communications. This action requires that you configure the eMule and Kaspersky software together.

Open eMule and click on the "Preferences" button near the top.

Click on the "Connection" button and make note of the "TCP" value of "Clientport" in the right-hand side of the window. This will be the port that eMule uses.

Open Kaspersky Internet Security and click on "Settings." Click on "Firewall."

Click the "Settings" button. Click on "Add" and click "Application." Select "eMule" from the application list.

Click the "Add" button. Select the "Local port" check box and type "emule rule" in for the rule name.

Click the "Enter port" link and type in the eMule port noted above.

Click "OK" three times to save the setting in Kaspersky and complete the configuration of the two software programs.

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