How to Get Free Computer Security Software

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At one time or another every computer user on the Internet decides to outfit their computer with the best security software they can afford. Often money might be a big issue with many computer users. Actually, there is no need to worry about cost because there are great security software programs for download on the Internet that are free. So, what three software programs are a must have for security purposes on the Internet? Read the following list.

AVG Free. This is a popular anti-virus on the Internet. It is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP. Very good basic anti-virus protection for computer users. This is one of my favorite anti-virus programs. And of course it is FREE! This software program is available for free download at their website. There are other free anti-virus software programs online for download but some computer users found issues with them. Some of the anti-virus programs were very intrusive and made it difficult to surf the Internet. And they were not as good at blocking or finding computer virus infection.

Ad-Aware. Every computer user on the Internet should consider adding a free spy-ware program to their computer security arsenal. This software provides protection from spy-ware programs. Spy-ware are those nasty little computer software programs that sneak in and steal important data from a computer. Ad-Aware is good for monitoring and removing these spy-ware programs. And the software is regularly updated.

Zone Alarm. Zone Alarm offers computer users a free firewall to block intruders. And a firewall is very useful because it hides your computer from hackers and other intruders. A good basic firewall is an essential part of every computer users security arsenal. Zone Alarm is Free to download at http: //

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