How to Compress a Video File Using Pinnacle

by Stephen Lilley

Pinnacle Studio is a program used to edit video files on a computer. When you're working with digital video footage and editing it all together, it is what is called "raw" footage. Raw footage has a large file size per second and will take up a large portion of your computer's hard drive. If you want to compress a video project that you're working on, you're going to have to save it in one of the many applicable video file formats.


Open Pinnacle Studio.


Click "File" and then "Add File" to add the video file you'd like to compress to your Pinnacle Studio file library.


Click on the icon for your video file and drag it down into your Pinnacle Studio "time line" at the bottom of the screen.


Click "File" and then "Export."


Give your video file a name and then choose the file format from the drop-down menu that you'd like to export your video file into. You will see a description of each of the various video file formats as well as an estimated file size that the compressed video will come out to. Once you've made your decision, click "OK" to start the compression process. You will be left with a compressed video file in the format you've selected.

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