How to Compress AVI Files

by Contributor

Video files on the Internet are increasing rapidly. As content continues to hit all time highs, the ability to transfer these large files faster is a great concern. Most AVI files climb to larger than 1 GB in size, which becomes impractical to transfer. Changing the type of file can reduce the size of the file but sometimes reduces the quality as well.

Compress the AVI file with standard compression utilities like pkzip or .rar files. These utilities will gain a reduction in file size of about ten percent. These types of utilities are good choices due to the built in error checking for the file transfer.

Open the AVI files in a program such as Virtual Mod, Xvid or DivX. Select the compression details and select the resulting file size you desire. These programs will yield a saved video file with a 40 percent reduction in file size. This becomes much more manageable.

Consider that although you can reduce the size of the file by choosing a particular compression program and output file type, you can also achieve reductions in file size by changing the sampling rate, frames/sec and resolution of the video. The problem with dropping the resolution of the file, the resulting file is very grainy. It may still appear clear played on a computer monitor, but it is very fuzzy on a normal size TV and even worse on a big screen TV.

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