What Is Best for Cleaning an iPhone Glass?

by Christa Titus

Apple gives very specific instructions about what to use--and what not to use--to clean the glass top on a iPhone. Apple provides these guidelines to help prolong the life of your device and to prevent you from accidentally damaging the phone. You might be surprised to learn how many common household items can cause a problem if they come into contact with an iPhone's screen.

Soft Cloth

An iPhone's glass contains an oleophobic coating. This coating repels oil from your skin, which reduces the amount of smudges and fingerprints left on the glass. Apple's top recommendation for cleaning the glass is a soft cloth that is free of lint and very slightly dampened with water. The dampness provides enough moisture to wipe off stubborn prints without damaging the glass.


iShine is a dual-purpose product that was created specifically for Apple devices. The micofiber sleeve is designed to protect the iPhone while you are carrying it. It buffs the glass while the phone sits in the case. You can also remove the phone and polish it with the iShine. The sleeve costs about $9.

Cleaning Products to Avoid

Apple is specific about what kind of cleaning products to keep away from an iPhone's glass to prevent any scratches. Don't use towels, paper towels or any kind of abrasive materials, such as a scrubbing pad, to clean the surface. Ammonia, alcohol and solvents should also be avoided, as well as common household cleaning products (including materials for cleaning windows) and aerosol sprays.

Cleaning Tips

Don't spray water directly on the iPhone; always apply it to a soft cloth instead. Avoid getting any kind of liquids on the phone or inside any of its ports to prevent internal damage. Remove any external items or cables from the iPhone before cleaning, including the battery recharger. Immediately wipe off the phone if materials like oils, food, ink or makeup come into contact with it.

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