How to Choose Adult Website Hosting

by Contributor

You've got your domain name and website planned or created, and there's only one thing left to do--find a web host. You may have quickly found this to be difficult, as many of the most popular web hosts don't allow "adult" content--something you hopefully found out the easy way. Luckily, there's an entire niche of web hosts devoted to adult website hosting with service that can be just as good as any other host. Read on, and learn exactly how to find adult web hosting.

Search the internet for the best adult website hosting, and sift through the results. This is the fastest, easiest way to find websites.

Consider's Adult Web Hosting section (link and subsequent links to sites in resources below),'s Web Hosting category, and's Adult Hosting section.

Compare sites offering adult website hosting. After you've found a potential web host, look into them further by searching the internet for their name followed by the word "review" or phrase "customer review" to bring up some independent reviews of that web host. Compare several reviews to level out any biases and get a more complete picture of the host.

Decide on what features you want. Things to consider include server uptime, whether or not server-side scripts are allowed, how much server space you get, the maximum bandwidth you're allowed to use, and the number of email accounts you need.

Get good customer service. The best adult website hosting will not only have good email support, but excellent phone support as well. Test how good their customer support really is by emailing your potential adult web host and calling them with any questions you have about their service. Take note of the how quickly you get an answer, and whether or not the answer meets your standards.

Choose the best-length plan. Adult web hosting plans can range from lasting only one month to as long as several years. Get the best deal by doing your research well and buying a longer plan. If you've done the research but still aren't decided, go with a shorter plan first, and then switch to a longer plan if you like what you're getting. The more research you do, the better the chance there is of you finding the best adult website hosting.

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