How to Check a Mobile Location

by Markita Reed

Checking the mobile location of your friends and family can save you a lot of time and energy. The best part is that you don’t need to buy an extra gadget or shell out any cash to check a mobile location. All you need is a working mobile phone and you’re all set to check a mobile location using Google Latitude. Google Latitude will work on your mobile phone even without making use of GPS technology. It works with your existing network of friends and family. Google Latitude is compatible with most mobile devices including Android, iPhone and Symbian-powered mobile devices.

Via Mobile Phone


Type the web address “” into your cell phone's browser.


Enter your mobile number and location on the menu page.


Click the tab “Send a link to my phone.” You will then receive settings for Google Latitude on your mobile phone.


Install the Google Latitude application using the settings. Just follow the instructions provided on your screen.


Open the Google Latitude application again to start checking a mobile location. Find the “menu” page, and click it. Look for “Latitude” and start adding your friends and family by encoding their email addresses. After enabling Google Latitude to your profile in your mobile phone, you can see an icon that represents you, your email address and the last place your mobile was detected.

Via Computer


Type the address, into your web browser


Click the link that says, “Use Latitude on your computer”.


Sign in with your Google Account to view the menu page of Google Latitude. You can now send an invitation to your friends and family so that you may view their mobile location, and they can view yours.


  • check You can choose which specific friends can see your location. If you don’t want anyone in your network to know your whereabouts, just choose to update your status to “Hide your location.” If you want your list of friends to know where you are again, just revert to “Detect your location” in the privacy settings.

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