How Can I Watch Free DivX Movies Online?

by Travis Wampler

DivX is a video codec based on high-compression standards. As such, it allows the instant streaming of DVD-quality video over the Internet. Once a DivX codec is installed on your computer, there are many options for watching either paid or free content. However, you must first install the codec before searching out resources for online video content.

Installing the DivX Codec

The DivX video codec and player is easy to install and is a necessary component to watch streaming DivX videos on your computer. Visit the DivX website to install the latest player and codec. A link is provided in the resource section. The basic version is free; however, a pro version is offered for a small fee. On the DivX website, select the version you would like to download. Run the downloaded program file and follow all installation instructions. Once the installation is complete, you can visit websites providing DivX content and view it in your browser’s window or via download in your DivX player.

Moving Images Archive

One of the best streaming video sites is Moving Image Archive, which streams films, commercials, documentaries and trailers that have entered the public domain. The content on this site is not under copyright laws and is free. The films available for instant streaming in the Moving Image Archive are also available for direct download in MPEG-4 format. See Resources for the link to access Moving Image Archive. On the site, navigate to the type of content you would like to watch. Feature films is one of the more popular sections, as you can watch classic films, such as “My Man Godfrey,” “M” or “The Little Princess.” Once you find a film or video, left-click on the link to navigate to its page. Left-click on the page’s embedded video image. The DivX plug-in will automatically stream the film to your browser. If you would like to watch it in full-screen, left-click the full-screen icon in the lower right corner of the embedded player.

Online Video Guide

The Online Video Guide is a great resource for hundreds of legally streamed and downloadable films. Unfortunately, many DivX-based sites allow off-site user upload of pirated films. Therefore, if the film is not in the public domain, you cannot watch it online for free. Luckily, these sites often catch copyrighted material and promptly remove it to prevent you from accidentally watching it. See Resources for the link to access the Online Video Guide. The Online Video Guide provides various links to popular sites, such as Hulu, IMDB and Sling. However, you can also find other sites streaming DivX-based content by scrolling down the page. Many of these are independent user-made videos, as well as links to public domain sites. If you chose to watch video content streamed from any of the listed sites, make sure it is not copyrighted material, and if so that you own the rights to watch it. After you find a video, left-click its play button, then sit back and enjoy the movie.

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