Can I Replace the Shattered Face of an iPhone?

by Robert Schrader

If you drop an iPhone and shatter the touch-screen face, it's possible to replace it quickly and easily -- Apple retail stores can do it while you wait. Apple's warranty doesn't cover iPhone faces, however, so you must pay out of pocket for whichever repair option you select.

Shattered Face and Usage

Although a shattered iPhone face looks unattractive, it may not impede usage. In some cases, you can continue using the iPhone while you decide which repair option is best for you.

Warranty and Insurance

Apple's limited warranty dictates that warranty protection doesn't apply to "damage caused by accident, abuse or misuse," which eliminates the vast majority of reasons a screen may shatter. If you have an insurance plan for your iPhone from your mobile carrier, contact the mobile carrier to see if the policy pays for accidental damage repair.

Apple Store Repair

If you don't have a carrier insurance policy that covers face replacement, take the phone to the Apple Store to have the face replaced while you wait. To ensure you have an appointment, visit the Apple website and book a slot in advance online. Apple technicians are specialists who guarantee their work, so Apple in-store repair or replacement is the most secure option. If you don't live near an Apple store, arrange a mail-in repair service via the "Service and Repair" portal on Apple's website.

Third-Party Repair

Local repair shops may offer iPhone screen replacement, often at a lower rate than the Apple store. Alternatively, some third-party repair specialists have Apple certification, which allows you to procure Apple-certified and quality work even if you don't have an Apple store in your area. If an uncertified third party causes further damage to the device in the repair process, you may be left with a shattered iPhone, a bill or both.

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