How to Call an Australian Mobile From Overseas

by Giselle Berge

If you have personal or business contacts in Australia, you will need to know how to call an Australian mobile phone. Fortunately, the process is easy, and the steps required to dial an Australian cell phone are identical to those required to call an Australian land line.

Familiarize yourself with the structure of Australian telephone numbers. Australian area codes are one digit long and Australian local phone numbers are eight digits long.

Obtain the cellphone number of your Australian contact. Your contact will typically provide you with a phone number.

Obtain the international access number of the country from which you are dialing. The North American international access number is 011. For the U.K. and for much of Europe, the international access number is 00. See link in Resources for a complete list of international access codes.

Dial the international access code.

Dial 61 for Australia's country code.

Dial 4 for the area code. An area code of 4 always indicates an Australian mobile number.

Dial the remaining eight-digit phone number.

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