How Do I Buy Microsoft Office at a Discounted Price?

by Aaron Parson

For most people, the best way to find a discount on Microsoft Office is to shop around for the best price, waiting for advertised discounts or special sales. If you're a student, work for an educational institution, are in the military or are an employee whose company has a volume Office license, you might qualify for a discount when you shop through the proper channels.

Sales and Old Versions

Whether you want a traditional copy of Office or a subscription to Office 365, the versions offered by retailers are the same as those purchased directly from Microsoft, so look for the best price at local and online stores. If you don't need the latest improvements, you might find even better deals by buying old versions of Office, but don't go further back than 2007 because you would have trouble editing documents created with current Office programs. While comparing prices, stick to well-known retailers to avoid counterfeit or pirated software.

Education and Military Discounts

If you're a student or work in education, you can buy Office at a discount from an Authorized Education Reseller. Most stores are not Authorized Education Resellers, so check Microsoft's list to find a qualified retailer (link in Resources). Bring your student ID or other proof of your affiliation to receive the discounted price. Similarly, Microsoft offers a discount to members of the military and their families. To buy Office at the military discount price, shop through your exchange.

Employee Home Use Program

Microsoft offers discounted versions of Office to employees who already use the software at work. To get a discount, the person in charge of Office licensing at your company activates the Home Use Program through the Volume Licensing Service Center and provides you with a code. Enter the code and your company email address on the Home Use Program website to buy Office direct from Microsoft.

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