How to Buy Apple Computers From China

by Contributor

Purchasing an Apple computer from China is not easy. Other than visiting China, of course, you can also purchase a computer through Apple's website or by contacting a Chinese reseller through email. Selecting which method is best for you can be time consuming and frustrating, and the cost of the Apple computer can vary depending on which method you intend to use.

Buy a computer through Apple's website. Go to and scroll to the bottom of the website. Click on "Choose Your Country" or "Region" tab. Click on "China" (i.e. the red ball with the small yellow star). Then select the "Mac" tab and choose which computer you want to buy. Next, call Apple at 1-800-692-7753 and tell the customer service department you want to buy an Apple computer from China using Apple's website and they will help you. If they are unable to help, you can use, Global Resources or Made in China. These third-party vendor websites will give you better pricing. They are ready to do business with you and will give you seller background information. The shipping quotes and pricing can be provided within a few days. You do not have to travel to China or use a Chinese credit card.

Buy a computer using email. Look up Apple Authorized Resellers in China (see link in Resources). Locate on the page the "Find a Reseller" section and select "China." You will now have access to 25 authorized resellers of Apple computers. Email these companies to buy your Apple computer from China. Each company's name appears with a contact email and phone number. Use email to contact the company first since this won't cost anything. Request samples and catalogs if you can and inquire about the shipping guidelines and costs.

If you happen to be visiting China, head to the Cybermart in Shanghai where you can purchase Apple computers and hardware at a very low price. The Cybermart is located at 1 Huai Hai (Tibet) Road in Shanghai. This location does have Authorized Apple Resellers. You can also contact the local tourism company in any city you are visiting to see where you can buy Apple computers.


  • check It is best to use the Apple authorized resellers listed on their website. Make sure you adhere to all U.S. custom laws. Watch out for fake products. Monitor your phone calls, as they can become expensive.


  • close If you visit China, make sure you follow all the country's laws. Try to receive the product before you pay for it if you can.