How to Burn iTunes Movies Onto DVD

by Mihir Shah

Have you purchased an iTunes movie thinking how great the graphics would appear on your new high definition television? With the legal copyright on their videos, Digital Rights Management, Apple makes it difficult to achieve this. However, there is a process that will not only save you time, but also help you avoid the legal liability that Apple imposes on iTunes users.

Purchase Tunebite software. You may also download it, but will only receive the first 30 seconds of video as a trial. Complete the installation wizard, which can take several minutes.

Launch Tunebite software and click on the "Add" button. This process will allow you to load your iPod video library into Tunebite.

Click on "Convert Files" tab and place cursor over "Convert File to" drop down bar. Select WMV7 (1024kbps). Select "Start" to begin conversion process. The Digital Rights Management copyright is now successfully removed.

Download Aimersoft DVD Creator. Run and launch software. Simply click "Load Video" and drag videos onto the storyboard.

Click "Burn." Select the "To DVD" option and adjust settings to NTSC for television viewing. Insert a blank DVD-R/RW disc into the DVD recordable drive and record.


  • check Select "Dual Layer" DVD option on Aimersoft Creator to burn both sides of the DVD.


  • close Although the Tunebite software claims it is legal and it is used by many customers, Apple still encourages its iPod users to stay away from this software.

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