How to Burn AC3 to Play on a DVD

by Jason Taetsch

AC3 files are in the Audio Codec 3 format that is designed for Dolby Digital surround-sound systems. Playback for the AC3 format requires a media player with a specific codec installed, such as Windows Media Player and the Apple QuickTime player. You can use the Windows Media Center utility to burn AC3 files that are playable on standalone DVD players and on other computers.


Launch the Windows Media Center from the "All Programs" list in the "Start" menu.


Insert the blank DVD into your disc drive and click the "Burn A DVD" option that appears in the Windows Media Center interface.


Click the "Data DVD" option and click "Next." Create a name for the disc and click "Next." Click the AC3 file in the selection window and click "Next."


Click the "Burn DVD" button. Click "Yes" in the verification window to begin burning the AC3 file to the DVD.

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