How to Browse the Web on the iPhone

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The iPhone has a wireless connection that allows you to connect to the Web from most places in the world through the same network as a regular cell phone. The engineers at Apple have developed the iPhone to allow for intuitive browsing similar to Web surfing on your computer.

Make contact with the "Safari" key on your iPhone's main page to get started. The Safari page looks like a compass and provides you instant access to your home page on the Web.

Activate the Web address field in order to browse the Internet. Tap the field before you utilize the keyboard to enter the desired Web address.

Erase mistaken addresses or search another address using the "Delete" key on your iPhone. This key looks like an X and sits next to the address field for easy access. You can also use this key to stop websites that take too long to load up.

Touch an email address, map or other function on a website to bring up the appropriate application on your iPhone. If you must reach a contact person on a website, tap the email address for instant access to your enabled email.

Adjust your view of a website by rotating your iPhone. You can turn your iPhone on its ends and browse through a website in landscape orientation. The phone adjusts the width, height and magnification of the website based on the orientation of the phone.

Focus on a newspaper article, small picture or other object as you browse a website by making contact with your phone. You can double tap on the desired object to increase magnification for higher visual clarity. Two taps on the screen lets you zoom back out to the original website view.

Rotate through multiple web pages on your iPhone. First click on the page number at the bottom right-hand part of the web page to bring up all open sites. You can flip through different pages by dragging each page with your finger until you reach the desired site.


  • check Use the iPhone to bring your computer's bookmarks anywhere. You can sync up the iPhone with saved links on your computer to access materials for work or entertainment. Set your iPhone to calendar synchronization in the "Settings" screen of your iPhone.

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