The Best Free Background Search Engines

by Melissa Hartert

Many search engines are available on the Internet which provide background information on people. Free background information includes such things as email addresses, home city locations, ages, relatives and social networking sites with which a person registers. Although these search engines indicate they provide free background information, operators must be careful because certain information is free, but in-depth information costs the client a fee.

People Search is used to acquire information on anyone in the United States. Individuals can use PeopleSearch to find long-lost friends and family, but perspective employers can also use PeopleSearch to find basic public information on future employees or business partners including such things as an address or age. Users type in the individual's first and last names and the state of origin into the appropriate fields. From there PeopleSearch displays any and all free public information that is available for the individual.

Engine People Search provides background information which includes complete addresses and telephone numbers revealed to searchers for free. Users can also find the ages and relatives of searched-for individuals without cost. With the use of this basic information, searchers then determine if they would like additional information on the person for a fee.

People Smart finds people by searching basic public information databases. Use PeopleSmart to find someone by name, phone number and email address. Reverse look-ups can also be conducted, in which users provide an individual's email address and phone number to ascertain their full name.


Use Yahoo to find an electronic fingerprint of an individual. By typing an individual's name into Yahoo, users can find out where an individual has gone to school, if they have a social network page, and if they have posted any written material on a site, all for free. Although Yahoo is not exact and may provide many with the exact name, it can be useful to narrow your search.

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