Where to Find "As Seen on TV" Products

by Jared Huizenga

Whether you've wanted to or not, it's almost a certainty that you've stumbled across a late-night infomercial or commercial for some purportedly helpful trinket on a sleepless night. Now you can buy those products without picking up the phone.


Currently there are more than 1,400 As Seen on TV products on the market, including household appliances, exercise machines, music and books.


As Seen on TV now has its own website that allows easy access to all of the items you see on TV infomercials.


As Seen on TV has also expanded to having its own physical stores, including one at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Other Stores

Other retailers, including Target, Walgreen's and Wal-Mart, have seen the popularity of As Seen on TV products, and have started selling them in stores and on their websites.

Product Websites

Many of the products have their own websites as well, including the Ab Rocket and Bendaroos.


About the Author

Jared Huizenga is a journalist living in Minneapolis where he works for one of the nation's largest weekly newspaper groups, covering city government and school news. While in college he managed two weekly entertainment newspapers in central and southern Minnesota and has contributed to many entertainment websites. He holds a Bachelor of Science in mass communication.