How to Have Another Area Code Show Up on My Calls

by Ra Ryuken

To make another area code appear on caller ID when dialing out, you must change your existing area code with your service provider. Choose a service provider that allows you to pick your area code, such as a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) company. Most VoIP companies allow their clients to choose any area code in which they currently provide service, which opens many possibilities.

Contact a VoIP service provider that will give the option to choose any area code. Many VoIP companies allow you to sign up online or by calling a customer service representative.

Choose the best package that fits your needs. Phone companies offer many packages with different features.

Install the equipment. Most VoIP phone companies send components that need to be plugged into the phone lines or modem to receive the connection. The equipment will come with directions. Call the service provider's customer service if you need help setting up the equipment.


  • check Search through different phone company deals to find the best one.
  • check Get a deal package that also includes unlimited long distance. Changing the area code can cause outbound calls that were local to cost money.
  • check Be strategic in the choosing of the new area code. People sending calls could be charged if the chosen area code is outside their area. Some VoIP companies have a feature that gives the option to have many phone numbers attached to the main line, so other people calling won't be charged long-distance fees.

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