How to Add Watermarks in IMovie

by Andrew Tennyson

Adding a watermark to your videos prevents other parties from using pieces of your project without your permission. It also ensures that audiences know who created the video, which can be particularly helpful on social networks where videos are often shared without acknowledgement. Take advantage of the Titles tool in iMovie to add watermarks to your projects. The Titles tool enables you to add text to your movie and then edit its appearance, location and duration.


Open your movie in the iMovie timeline and click "Titles" in the Content Library in the sidebar to load the Titles editor.


Browse the library of available title styles and select one for your watermark. Although a number of animated styles are available, animation is inappropriate for a watermark.


Drag the desired title style onto your timeline and drop it at the location in your movie where you want the watermark to appear. If you want the watermark to start displaying at the very beginning of the movie, drag it toward the start of the project on the timeline until you see a yellow line appear. The yellow line indicates that you are at the beginning.


Double-click the placeholder text, press the "Delete" button and enter the text you want to appear in your watermark. Do not worry at this point if the text does not fit perfectly inside the boundaries of the text box as you can resize and format the text later.


Manipulate the font controls to format your watermark text to your liking. See the Tips section for information about how to format your text.


Click the "Apply" button above the viewer to save your changes. Watch your movie at this point to verify that the watermark text does not obscure any important parts of your movie. Save your project when you are satisfied with the results.


  • check Take advantage of the font controls panel to adjust the size, color and font face of your watermark text.
  • check Click the "Font" pop-up menu on the font controls panel to select which font you want to use.
  • check Click the "Size" pop-up menu to adjust the font size.
  • check Click one of the provided alignment icons to adjust how the text is aligned within the box. Options include left, center, right and justified.
  • check Click the "Color" box and select from the color wheel which color you want to use for the watermark. White is the default.
  • check Click and drag the "Opacity" slider located below the color wheel to reduce the opacity of the watermark. Traditionally watermarks are not fully opaque, particularly in videos in which the viewer might want to see content located behind the watermark.
  • check Click the "Apply" button to save your changes to the font. The Apply button is identified by the small check mark icon located at the right end of the font controls panel.


  • close Information in this article applies to iMovie 10 and iMovie 11. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

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