How to Add or Remove Homescreen Pages on the Galaxy Nexus

by Serm Murmson

Your home screens hold widgets and shortcuts to your Android apps. On the Galaxy Nexus, these various icons can span five home pages; however, you might need a more flexible arrangement. To have from one to nine home screen pages, you must use a third-party launcher app. This app takes the place of your default home screen, giving you more options for arranging your widgets and shortcuts to your liking.


Download a launcher app from the Google Play Store. Nova Launcher, ADW.Launcher and Apex Launcher are free launcher apps (links in Resources).


Open the launcher app once you've finished installing it. This may reset your desktop wallpaper.


Navigate to the Settings menu in your launcher. This menu will be located in a different place, depending on the launcher you use. In Nova Launcher, tap the "Nova Settings" shortcut on the desktop. In Apex Launcher, tap the "Apex Settings" shortcut on the desktop. In ADW Launcher, tap and hold an empty space on the home screen.


Select the home-screen configuration. In Nova Launcher, tap "Desktop" and select "Home Screens." In Apex Launcher, tap "Homescreen Settings" and "Manage Screens." In ADW Launcher, tap "Arrange Screens."


Tap the "+" sign to add a panel to your home screen.


Tap and hold on a panel to unlock it and drag it to a new position. If you drag the panel to the "X" at the top of the screen, it will be removed. In ADW.Launcher, tap the button with two arrows to switch panel positions, or tap the "X" below a panel to remove that panel.

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