How to Access a Plex Media Manager

by Jason Spidle

The Plex Media Server provides the basic infrastructure for streaming media from your computer to any number of Plex-enabled devices. The management panel of Plex Media Server, known as Plex Media Manager, enables you to select the media that is available to stream to your devices. You can also tweak numerous other settings relating to playback quality, device availability, Plex software updates and network configuration.


Launch Plex Media Manager if it is not already running. Press the "Windows" key, type "Plex Media Manager," and then press "Enter." By default, Plex Media Manager is configured to launch upon Windows startup.


Click the "Desktop" icon on the Windows Start screen.


Right-click the Plex icon in the Windows notification area and select "Media Manager." If the icon is not visible, click the "Show hidden icons" button. The Plex Media Manager panel will open in your default browser.


  • check The Plex Media Manager is largely used to select which videos, music and photos will be available for streaming to connected Plex devices. You can add folders containing media to your Plex Media Server by clicking the "+" icon and following the simple wizard.
  • check Channels allow you to subscribe to Web-based video and audio content. When you add a channel to your Plex Media Server, all media published to that channel will be available for playback on your connected Plex devices.
  • check You can access advanced settings from the Plex Media Manager by clicking the "Settings" icon.

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