How to Take 360 Degree Photos

by Joshua Laud

Creating 360-degree photographs is a two-step process that requires a digital camera and a computer. Microsoft Windows features the inbuilt ability---using the Windows Live Photo Gallery---to stitch together photographs, forming a 360-degree panoramic photograph. These require a little overlap with the source images, which is where a camera and photographic skills are required.

Take one picture of the scene that you want to transform into a 360-degree photo. Check what is on the far right side of the image. Move around slightly so that the scene on the far right of the initial photograph is in the place of the far left of the second photograph. Take the picture. Repeat until you have made a 360-degree turn and taken photographs all around you.

Transfer the photographs to your computer. Connect your camera to your computer, which will open the "AutoPlay" dialog window. Click "Import pictures and videos using Windows." Follow the prompts to import the photos. Make sure you know where they are stored. Click "Import."

Click "Start." Type "windows live photo gallery" and press "Enter." If you do not have this program installed, click "Getting Started > Get Windows Live Essentials." Select "Photo Gallery," and then "Install." Open the program once you have installed it.

Open the folder that contains the images. Select the photos you want for your 360-degree photo. Click "Make >Create panoramic photo."

Enter a name for your 360-degree photo. Click "Save."

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