How to Make Funny Photo Effects

by William Souplis

Adding funny effects to your digital photos once required special software and some practice to learn to use it well. Now, numerous websites make it easy to add funny effects that will amuse your family and friends. From making a holiday card that features you dressed as Santa, to adding yourself to a picture of a celebrity, you can find a site that will help you do it with just a few clicks.


Select a simple picture for best results, like a headshot with a plain background.


Find a "funny photo" Web site that you like. A quick search using a phrase like "funny photo effects" will turn up a range of options. Some popular examples are, LoonaPix and BeFunky.


Choose a template or a special effect that you like. Templates are pictures with a blank area for inserting all or part of your photo. For example, you could choose a template that allows you to add your face to the body of a person dressed in a zany outfit. Special effects make modifications to your photo, such as changing colors, adding textures or making a photo look more like a line drawing or cartoon.


Upload your photo and apply the desired template or effect.


Save the new funny photo to your computer once you are pleased with the result.


  • check Take some time to explore several sites to get a feel for the different types of funny effects that are available.
  • check To create even more amusing and unusual results, think outside the box. For example, consider adding a pet's face to a blank area on a template that was designed for adding a human face.

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