How to Make Yourself Look Thinner in Photoshop

by Alex Zang

Photoshop allows you to manipulate photos in a way that makes them more flattering. Short people can appear taller, and heavier people can appear thinner by changing the image scale. For best results, you'll want to use a photo that has a plain background, as when you manipulate the photo, you'll be changing the background too. The more busy the background, the more likely someone else is going to be able to notice the distortion.


Launch Photoshop. Load your photo by clicking the "File" menu, then selecting "Open" and choosing the picture you want to edit.


Click "Image" then select "Image Size." Uncheck the "Scale Styles" and "Constrain Proportions" boxes.


Check for the "Document Size" part of your dialog box. Select "Percent" as your unit of choice instead of "Inches."


Change the width percentage, then click "OK." The amount you can change the percentage and still have the photo look normal depends on your photo's background. The more plain the background, the lower you can drop the percentage (though you should rarely go below 94 percent). The lower the percentage, the thinner you'll look.


  • check If your background is extremely plain, experiment with dropping the percent down to about 95% wide. Sometimes you can get away with this, depending on the specific photo.


  • close Be careful about applying this technique to a photo with text in the background. Distorted text would be a dead giveaway.

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