How to Import From Canon EOS Digital Rebel to iPhoto

by Jason Taetsch

The iPhoto application on your Mac enables you to organize, manage and edit your digital photos from a number of cameras in one simplified interface. No more struggling with camera-specific software or upload wizards, thanks to the simplified iPhoto upload process. Use the USB cable included with your Canon EOS Digital Rebel to connect it to your Mac and get started importing photos to your computer.


Connect the Digital Rebel to an open USB port on your Mac.


Click the "iPhoto" icon on the Dock or click "Finder," open the Applications folder and double-click "iPhoto." The program may launch automatically if it is set as the default program for managing pictures.


Click the "Canon EOS Digital Rebel" entry in the source window on the left side of the iPhoto interface.


Click the "Import All" button to import every photo stored on your Canon. Alternately, click individual or groups of photos in the window on the right and click the "Import Selected" button to import specific photos to your computer.


Click "Delete Originals" to clear the contents of your Canon's memory card after the upload, or click "Keep Originals" to save the photos on the card. iPhoto imports the photos directly to your hard drive.

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