How to Remove Encryption in Excel

by ContributorUpdated May 12, 2020
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Microsoft Excel contains encryption features to heighten security of your spreadsheets. Once enabled, the file cannot be viewed without entering the appropriate password. If you no longer require the encryption, the password can be easily removed.

Open the encrypted spreadsheet in Excel, which will require your password to Open and your password to Modify.

Passwords to open encrypted Excel file.

After you've entered your passwords to open the file, click "File" and then select "Passwords," the same way you would have to encrypt the file in the first place and create your passwords.

Going to password settings in Excel file.

Delete the passwords in the window and press "OK" to remove the password from your spreadsheet.

Deleting encryption passwords from Excel file.

Remember to save your changes so the file will remain decrypted.

Saving changes to Excel file.


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