How to Play a Slideshow on a Mac

By Contributor

Updated May 12, 2020

Macs are the common name for Apple Macintosh computer systems. The OS X operating system features software programs that are different from those available on Windows. One program that is included on all Mac computers is a photo handling program called Preview. This is a simple program that allows Mac users to view photos that they download or import onto their computer. Preview makes it easy to create a slideshow.

Select "Preview" from your dock icons. The "Preview" icon is typically two photographs overlapping each other with a small, round magnifying lens in the lower right corner.

Preview dock icon on Mac.

Open "Preview" by double clicking the icon with your mouse. Go to "File" and open the tab. Go to "Open" and open the window. Locate a set of photographs stored on your computer. You may have a file on your desktop from a recent download, or you may have photos in your photo library. Highlight the photos by pressing down on your mouse button and dragging your mouse over the photos or files to select the items. Once the items are highlighted, click "Open With" and select "Preview."

Opening photos using Preview on Mac.

Go to "View" and click on the tab. Go to "Slideshow" at the bottom of the list and click on the word. This will transform your photo selection into a slideshow. A selection of options will appear in the lower center of the screen over your first photo. This list of options allows you to move the show forward or backward, create an index sheet, fit the image to the screen, transfer the slide to iPhoto or close the window.

Opening slideshow on Mac.
Photo slideshow on Mac.

Items you will need

  • Macintosh computer

  • Preview software