How Do I Put a Memory Stick in a PSP?

By Alexander Poirier

Sony's original Memory Stick
i Photo courtesy: btklamf/MorgueFile

In 2005, Sony released the PlayStation Portable hand-held game console in North America. The console allows users to play games, view pictures, listen to music and watch movie files that are stored on the PSP's Memory Stick Pro Duo. The PSP 1000, PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 are only compatible with the Sony-introduced Memory Stick Pro Duo but, with one in hand, users can install it into their PSP system in a matter of minutes.

Supported Memory Sticks

The PSP supports the Memory Stick Pro Duo flash media format. Memory Stick Pro Duos come in a variety of storage capacities, ranging from 32 megabytes to 32 gigabytes. With the exception of the PSP GO, all PSP models are compatible only with the Memory Stick Pro Duo format, meaning no other type of memory card can be inserted into the PSP system.

Inserting the Memory Stick Pro Duo

The Memory Stick slot is located on the bottom-left edge of the PSP system. To open the Memory Stick slot cover, insert a fingernail or other small, flat object into the notch in the Memory Stick slot cover, and pull the slot cover out and away from the system. Insert the cropped edge of the Memory Stick Pro Duo into the PSP system with the lettered side facing up, and push the Memory Stick into place. Close the slot cover to conceal the Memory Stick.

Formatting the Memory Stick

To successfully install and use a Memory Stick Pro Duo with a PSP system, you must format it. Insert the Memory Stick, turn on the PSP unit and scroll over to the "Settings" section of the XrossMediaBar. Scroll down to the "System Settings" section, press the "X" button, and then scroll down to the "Format Memory Stick" option and press the "X" button. When prompted, confirm that you wish to format the Memory Stick. Allow several minutes for the formatting process to finish.

Removing the Memory Stick

When upgrading or changing the Memory Stick, the removal process is similar to the installation process. Pry open the Memory Stick slot cover and gently press the Memory Stick further into the slot. The slot's spring mechanism will eject the Memory Stick from the PSP system for easy removal. Pull the Memory Stick out of the PSP system, insert a new one if necessary and close the slot cover.