How to Print Small Envelopes With Microsoft Word

By Contributor

Updated May 07, 2020

Microsoft Word has a Mail Merge option that allows you to print addresses on envelopes. Mail Merge comes pre-programmed with many of the most common envelope sizes with the smallest size being 3-5/8 x 6-1/2 inches. However, sometimes you may need to print smaller envelopes, for instance, when sending out invitations or thank you cards. To print smaller envelopes, you will need to create a custom-sized setting in Word’s Mail Merge before you can print the envelopes.

Open Microsoft Word. Select "Mailings" at the time and then select "Start Mail Merge" from the newly appearing options below.

Start Mail Merge icon in MS Word.

Click “Envelopes."

Clicking Envelopes option from Mail & Merge option in MS Word.

Select “Custom” under "Printing Options" and enter or select the width and height of your envelope and click “OK.” On the preceding page, you can enter your return address as well as the recipients' address.

Selecting envelope dimensions for printing in MS Word.

On the preceding page, you can enter the return address information you want to use. Hit "OK." It will then appear on the template in the top left corner.

Return address on envelope template in Word.

Click “Next: Select Recipients.” Choose a list that you have already created, recipients from your Outlook contacts or create a new recipient list. Click “OK” when you have finished choosing your recipients. On the same page you entered your return address information, you can choose font and formatting options for the address parts of your envelope.

Selecting mail recipients in Word.

When you've entered your recipient and selected your recipient address list, the template will appear something like this:

Envelope template in Word.

Insert the envelopes into your printer feed, face-side up, with the area where the return address will be printed facing down into the printer. If you have trouble with positioning the envelopes, click “Envelopes” in the “Create” section and select “Printing Options.” You will find a picture showing you how the envelope should be positioned when inserted into the printer. Adjust the printer’s feed bars so that the envelopes lay flat and snug in the feed.

Click “Finish & Merge” to begin printing. Select “Print Documents.” Select “All” and click “OK.” Click “OK” to begin printing your envelopes.