How to Split and Merge Cells in Microsoft Word

by Danielle Cort
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After creating a table in Word, you may find that you need to merge or split individual cells to better present your data. Merging or splitting cells can give your table a polished look, particularly if you want to make certain sections of the table more general and others more specific. Word allows you to merge any number of adjacent cells and split a single cell into many columns or rows.

Splitting Cells

Step 1

Select the table cell or cells you want to split by hovering the mouse pointer over the bottom-left corner of the cell until you see a black diagonal arrow appear. Click once to select just that cell or click and drag to adjacent cells if you want to select multiple cells.

Step 2

Click the "Layout" tab on the ribbon under the highlighted "Table Tools" sections.

Step 3

Click the "Split Cells" button in the Merge group. You will see a "Split Cells" pop-up window.

Enter the number of columns or rows you want. Click "OK." The cell or cells you selected will split accordingly.

Merging Cells

Step 1

Highlight multiple, adjacent cells in the table that you want to merge into one cell.

Step 2

Click the "Layout" tab on the ribbon.

Click "Merge Cells" to merge the cells you selected into a single cell.

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