How to Make an Image Darker

by Serm Murmson

The images on your computer may need some adjustment, depending on how you wish to use them. You can alter images in Windows through Microsoft Office programs or the Windows Photo Gallery app. The Photo Gallery app is not installed by default on most Windows 8 systems, but you can download it free from the Windows Store. In both Microsoft Office and Photo Gallery, you can make your images darker by adjusting a brightness slider.

Microsoft Office


Select your image within a Microsoft Office file.


Select the "Format" tab and click on "Corrections" within the Adjust category of the Picture Tools. You'll see a series of thumbnails of possible alterations to your image.


Click on "Picture Corrections Options" to open a dialog box that will allow you to fine-tune the brightness of your image beyond the preset thumbnails.


Click and drag the "Brightness" slider to set the desired darkness of your image. You may wish to alter the "Contrast" slider as well to preserve the definition of shapes in your image.

Microsoft Photo Gallery


Click "Edit" and then click on "Fine Tune" in the Adjustments group.


Select the "Exposure" adjustment.


Adjust the "Brightness" slider to set the desired darkness of your image. Adjust the "Contrast" slider if the objects in your image lose definition as it darkens.

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