Why Would an LCD TV Suddenly Go Out?

by Thomas Lourdeau

LCD televisions deliver great picture and sound quality, giving a theater experience to any home. However, like any any electronic device, problems can arise that can cause your television to stop functioning properly. The age of your set is also a factor. You should expect your LCD HDTV to last anywhere from 7 to 15 years with proper care. Even a 20-year life span is possible with normal viewing habits of about 8 hours a day.

Bulb Outage

LCD TVs use what basically amounts to light bulbs as the backlight for their screens. When these bulbs go out, it can cause the picture to not display correctly or at all. The bulbs themselves are not cheap (roughly $170-$250 as of October 2010) but the repair can be done yourself, depending on the model of your TV. This is one of the most common problems in HDTV sets.

Power Supply Outage

Just like a computer, an LCD television has a power supply that regulates the flow of electricity to the unit. When this supply goes bad or fails, the unit will experience an intermittent or total loss of power. Electrical and other wiring issues should be corrected by a professional. If your unit is still under warranty when the problem occurs, it should be covered at little or no cost.

Display Panel Outage

Another common problem with LCD televisions involves the display panel, which produces picture output. Failure of this device can cause failures in both the picture and sound, as well as the quality of the display. The display panel is often considered a cosmetic item by most basic warranties, and would not be covered unless you purchase a premium protection plan.

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