How to Program a GE Universal Remote Control

by Contributor

Programming a Jasco/GE Universal Remote Control takes about seven steps. As with programming other remotes, you need to know the code of the component you are programming into the remote. While some trial and error may be required to get the right codes input to control your equipment, the pleasure at getting rid of several extra remote controls will far outweigh the hassle in getting it programmed.

Manually turn on the device you wish to program.

Press the Code Search button on the remote until the indicator light turns on.

Release the Code Search button.

Press and release the button for the device you are programming.

Enter the three-digit code for the device using the number buttons on the remote. After the code is entered, the indicator light turns off.

Aim the remote at the device and press the power button. The device should turn off.

Press Channel Up on the remote with the device on. If the device responds, no further programming is required.

To look up a device code to enter directly into the remote, you can visit the GE Remote Code Locator Web site (see Resources).


  • check If your exact product isn't listed, try the codes for other products from the same manufacturer. Typically a manufacturer will use similar programming codes for all of their products.
  • check GE remotes are also sold under the brand name Jasco.

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