What Are the Differences Between a TI-34 and a TI-36?

By Matt Fregoe

Updated January 09, 2018

The TI-34 and TI-36 are scientific calculators.
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The TI-34 and the TI-36 are scientific calculators made by Texas Instruments. Both calculators are designed to pair with student courses in fields such as math, science and engineering. Although both calculators are similar in keys and functions available, there are some minor differences between the two in terms of storage capacity, power and display.

Memory Storage

In terms of internal calculation memory, the Texas Instruments TI-34 calculator features seven separate memories so the user can save and recall multiple answers or other computations. The Texas Instruments TI-36 calculator features five memory banks still offering the same capabilities as the TI-36 memory.

Power Supply

The Texas Instruments TI-36 is powered solely by a battery installed on the backside of the calculator. On the other hand, the Texas Instruments TI-34 is powered both by a battery and solar power when there is sunlight available on the front of the device.

Display Capabilities

The Texas Instruments TI-34 calculator features a multiple view capability, making the calculator able to display four lines of calculations. The Texas Instruments TI-36 offers the traditional two-line display associated with most scientific calculators. This display features a scrollable top line and a shorter bottom line for answers and exponents.

Fraction Functions

With a two-line display, the Texas Instruments TI-36 can perform all the basic fraction calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of entered fractions. The Texas Instruments TI-34 offers the same capabilities, except that fractions can also be easily simplified, fraction integers can be divided and finding constant operators within fractions can also be performed.