How to Erase Installed Maps on a Garmin Nuvi

by Aaron Wein

The Garmin Nuvi is a GPS unit designed for automotive use, guiding drivers to their chosen destinations using turn-by-turn voice directions. Along with the pre-loaded city and street maps, Garmin gives you the ability to download supplemental mapping, such as yearly map updates or different continent data. Depending on your Nuvi model, the device may have limited internal memory. If you want to clear space for other items, you have the option to delete supplemental maps using your computer.


Plug your Nuvi into your computer using its USB cable.


Click the Start menu.


Click "Computer." Double-click your Nuvi's icon. Your device's directory appears.


Double-click the "Map" folder. If you do not see the "Map" folder, double-click the "Garmin" folder instead.


Right-click the installed map file you wish to delete and click "Delete." Click "OK" to finish deleting the file.


  • check Many installed map files are called "gmapsupp.img."


  • close If you could not find the "Map" folder and had to open the "Garmin" folder, this means you are using an older Nuvi model. Only delete the "gmapsupp.img" file to prevent deleting pre-loaded map data from the device.
  • close Do not delete the "gmapbmap.img" file. This is the file containing your preloaded maps.

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