How to Invert an Image on a Sanyo Projector

By William Pullman

Updated January 09, 2018

i George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Sanyo multimedia projectors are designed with several setup options. If the user chooses to hang the projector from the ceiling, the screen will appear upside down to the viewers. To support ceiling mounted projector setups, Sanyo developed their projectors with a setting that inverts the image so viewers can see projected images right side up.

Open the projector's main menu by pressing the "Menu" button on the projector or the remote control.

Use the left or right arrow buttons to highlight the "Settings" menu. The list of adjustable settings will appear on the left menu bar.

Highlight "Ceiling" by pressing the down arrow button and press "Select" to access the "Ceiling" setting options.

Choose "On" by highlighting it with the up or down arrow buttons and pressing "Select." Projected images will show up inverted on the screen for a ceiling mounted projector setup.