How to Print to a Fax Machine

By Patrick Phelps

Updated August 05, 2019

Fax machines can serve as more than just a fax machine. Many models are capable of being connected to a network. Once connected, these fax machines can serve as a small network printer, a network fax device and a paper scanner. When a fax machine is connected, it is most often used as both a network fax machine and a printer. Though its printing functions will be rather simple and not feature rich, connected fax machines can fill the need for low volume printing.

Check for proper connection. The fax machine must be connected via network cable or, if connected directly to one computer, with a direct connecting cable. Most common connecting cables are USB, but some older models may need parallel print cables to connect. Check for proper connection by sending a test fax.

Install fax drivers onto the computer. In order to print to a fax machine, you must have the appropriate print drivers installed onto your computer. If installation CDs came with the fax machine, insert the disks and run the "install.exe" file. This will install the print drivers, allowing you to print to the fax machine. If you do not have the CDs, search for the drivers on the manufacturer's website.

Open a document that you want to print. Once the document is open, select the "File" button from the application's menu bar. This will open up a small window with several options.

Press "Print." Pressing the print command will open up a list of available printers. Choose the fax machine, enter the number of prints you want and press "Okay." Your document will be sent to the fax machine and will be printed out.