How to Use a Slide Projector

By Editorial Team

Updated January 09, 2018

Use a Slide Projector

Using a slide projector is easy, if you know the basics. Here they are.

Items you will need

  • Slide projector

  • Slides

Gather the slides you are going to use. Most slide projectors have a carousel that can hold approximately 80 slides. If you have more than 80 slides, you will have to split them into groups.

Place each slide into the carousel one by one. Some slide projectors have a clamping system in which you have to release a clamp before you can load the slides.

Press the power button, which is usually red and located somewhere along the top panel of the projector.

Focus the first slide. Depending on your slide projector, the focusing will either be done automatically, or you will have to adjust it using the focus buttons.

Move through the slides using the advance and reverse buttons. Pressing the advance button will make the projector progress to the next slide. Pressing the reverse button will make the projector backup to the previous slide.

Press the power button when you are finished. Remove the slides if you are not going to view them again soon. You should also unplug the slide projector and store it in a safe place.


Do not keep the projector on for a long period of time to avoid overheating.