How to Keep Words Together Using a Nonbreaking Space

by braniac

Have you ever been typing a sentence in Microsoft Word and had a multiword phrase, such as a person's name or a date, get separated onto two lines? You can keep that phrase together by inserting a nonbreaking space.

Example: Name Split

In the example at the left, the boy's full name will not fit, leaving his first name on one line and his last name on the next line. It's more appropriate for the full name to be on one line.

To correct this situation, a nonbreaking space between "Tad" and "Christensen" can be used, meaning the space keeps the words from breaking at the end of a line of text.

Name Joined

Backspace out the space between "Tad" and "Christensen." [Or conversely, you could select the space between the words]

Name Properly Spaced

To create a nonbreaking space, with your pointer positioned between the letters t and D [or with the space highlighted as offered in step 3], hold down on the CTRL and SHIFT keys as you press the SPACEBAR. The result is that the words remain together on the same line.

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