Windows Won't Load

by Stephen Lilley

If Windows is failing to load properly on your computer, it is almost certainly because you've been infected with some sort of virus or other piece of malware on the Internet. As Windows starts to load, the malicious software loads right along with it, causing the entire system to crash. If you've run into this issue, your one main defense is starting Windows in "Safe Mode" and performing a "System Restore" on your machine to try and fix your issues.

Turn on your computer.

Tap your keyboard's "F8" key. This will bring up the Windows "Boot" menu. Use your keyboard's arrow keys to highlight the "Safe Mode" option, and hit "Enter." This launches Windows' "Safe Mode."

Click "Start."

Click "All Programs."

Click "Accessories" and then "System Tools." Open "System Restore."

Pick a date from the list of restore points on screen that is dated earlier than when Windows stopped loading correctly. Then, click "Next."

Click "Finish." Your computer will be restored to a point prior to the last time Windows loaded correctly on its own, which will be a date prior to the time your computer was infected with the virus. Windows should load correctly in "Normal Mode" once again.

About the Author

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