What Is Windows System32 Cmd EXE?

by James Dalton

The command interpreter, or "Command Line," in Microsoft Windows is located by default in the "Windows\System32" folder. The file is called "Cmd.exe." It is a useful utility that accepts executable commands in text form.

Access Method

Access the "Command Line" in "Microsoft Windows XP" by clicking the "Start" button, clicking "Run," entering "cmd" and clicking the "OK" button. In "Microsoft Windows Vista" or "Microsoft Windows 7" perform the same procedure using the "Search" option. "Command Prompt" can also be entered.

Batch Files

Batch files are a series of text-based commands, to be executed in sequence, stored in a single text file. These files can have a "bat" or "cmd" extension, and will be opened by "cmd.exe" automatically.

Other Names

The "Windows Command Prompt" is often referred to by other names, due to it's similar appearance to utilities offered in older versions of "Windows," such as "Microsoft Windows 95." Some of the other labels include "DOS Prompt," "Command Line" and "DOS Window."

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